Now that you are ready to create a website, you need to know what comes first. Though most people start with things like the website color or theme, your domain name you should be the first thing to come up with. This is one the things that influence how people view your site. However, when it comes to choosing an extension of your domain name, you need to know about top-level domains (TLD). The list includes .com, .org and .net

The Top Three: COM, .ORG and .NET

.com remains the most popular top-level domain, and it’s believed to have over 100 million registered .com domains in the world. Most of them are from the US with almost 80 million registered domains.  It was initially meant for commercial use, but everybody uses it. Most people assume every website has this TLD. Even most people when looking for a domain name will search for its availability in the .com first.

Many people around the world use .org and .net. Even though in the past .net was for companies operating online and .org for non-profit making organizations, nowadays they are used by everyone. There is no regulation of TLDs, and anyone can register with them. There about 15.5 million domains registered under the .net extension and more than 10 million domains registered with .org.

How Do You Find The Right TLD?

  • Consider Purpose Of Website

The purpose of your TLD should help you know what to find. If you want to sell different products online .com or .biz would be perfect. If your company is an organization, go for .org

  • Use An Extension Meant For Your Specific Needs

Even though the top level domains registrars are not strict, it is always to keep in mind the kind of business you want or your target audience. TLDs with country codes are also great, and some popular ones include .ca for Canada, for Australia, for the United Kingdom. The country-specific ones have restrictions, and you must be in the country for your register.

Go For Quality TLDs

Though there has been a lot of argument whether a TLD can affect your SEO ranking or not, the bottom line is it can slightly affect how your website performs. .com is popular and will there give you an advantage over TLDs.


Top level domains are always an excellent choice. But, as a business owner, get more domain names that will help you reach many people. For example, if you deal with jewelery, apart from having, get

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