If you know the benefits of premium domains, you will not hesitate to spend a high amount to get one. It impacts your new business significantly and can give you success from day one. Investing in an unforgettable name will make it easy to spot your business among others in the already crowded internet marketplace. Here some reasons why should consider these domains despite their high prices.

Instant Recognition of Brand

The premium domains are easy to remember or spell but very hard to acquire. They give you direct information, and you know what to find on the site; for example, cars.com, qualitywines.com and many others. As a brand, you will not need to spend a lot of money in branding; the domain name says it all.

Commands Authority and Trust Instantly

Premium domains make it easy for a company to gain trust from customers. Someone will prefer to go to cars.com instead of findcars.com. Shoppers find these domains authoritative and will influence their purchase decisions easily.

SEO Benefits

Premium domains play a role in search engine optimization. The EMD or Google Exact Match Domain algorithm was updated and reduced any benefits to high indexing exact match domains rich in keywords or match domains. But that does not lower your chances of getting noticed by search engines. You will still the high powered ranking.

Direct Traffic

The name of your domain and its vertical has direct traffic. You will attract people who type your domain name when searching for something. This gives you quality traffic that is like to have high conversion rates.

Advantages of Physical Marketing

Premium domains will work correctly got your advertising offline. If you place your ad on tv, print ads, radio or billboards people will get it fast because it’s short and catchy. When using physical strategies, you can use your domain and achieve high success


Premium domains are expensive but are likely to bring you high returns. This kind of domain names evoke trust and also bring you value.  Building trust is priceless, and it will undoubtedly lead to more sales.